AltaFin Earn

Loan your crypto and earn high-paying daily interest up to 12.5% APY.

AltaFin Earn contracts bring the massive wealth gains of real estate to the crypto industry. The global real estate industry represents $280 trillion usd of value and $4.2 trillion usd of annual income.

How It Works

With a few clicks, you can earn interest on your crypto assets. Load up an AltaFin Earn contract utilizing your existing cryptocurrency assets. Easily choose between term lengths based on your desired interest rate payout. Sit back and watch your interest accrue.

Earn Rates

AltaFin Earn contracts can earn up to 12.5% APY based on the Altafin Loyalty Tier and the terms you select when you open an AltaFin Earn contract. And with weekly interest payouts, you can begin accruing interest income immediately upon opening an Earn contract.

Purchase AltaFin AFN Tokens and hold in your portfolio to increase your available interest earning power.

In addition, AltaFin Earn contracts have flexible term lengths to allow you to maximize your interest earning power while managing your portfolio.

AltaFin Loyalty

When opening AltaFin Earn contracts, you can unlock additional base and bonus interest rates by holding AltaFin Tokens in your Crypto Wallet.

With three tiers, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, you can unlock additional APY by holding a percentage of AltaFin Tokens in your portfolio.

For example, hold 5% of your AltaFin Crypto Wallet portfolio (calculated in USD) as AltaFin Tokens and you unlock the Gold Loyalty Tier. Hold 10% of your AltaFin Crypto Wallet portfolio (calculated in USD) as AltaFin Tokens and you unlock the Platinum Loyalty Tier.

AFN Token


  • When does AltaFin Earn launch on DeFi?

    AltaFin Earn V1 will launch on DeFi by February 01, 2022.

  • How does AltaFin Earn work?

    Loan crypto assets to AltaFin, and earn up to 12.5%. All contracts are quoted and base denominated in USDC (so AltaFin can utilize the capital for real estate acquisition in the United States).

    Choose from term lengths and initial assets.

    Interest is calculated daily in a Base and Bonus rate and can be redeemed at the end of the term length.

  • Which crypto assets are currently accepted?

    The AltaFin Earn smart contract will accept any assets that are available on the respective protocol. At launch, the AltaFin Earn smart contract will support the following protocols:

    • Ethereum
    • Polygon

  • How does AltaFin calculate daily interest?

    AltaFin Earn savings contracts (V1) are currently simple interest with a daily calculation:

    USDC Contract Value * ( APY / 365 )

  • Which type of real estate assets will AltaFin purchase?

    We are currently targeting assets in the following categories in the US:

    • Datacenters / Mining Datacenters
    • Multi-family Residential Apartments
    • Multi-family Neighborhoods

Financial + Operational Transparency

AltaFin will publish monthly financial data on-chain using the AltaFin Oracle beginning May 2022.



  1. All AltaFin Earn V1 contracts are base denominated in USDC for deployment in corresponding USD real estate transactions. Weekly base interest rate is paid out in USDC and when the contract closes at the end of its respective term, the principal balance will be returned in USDC.

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When your AFN is staked into AltaHelix, you receive xAFN in return for voting rights and a fully composable token that can interact with other protocols. Your xAFN is continuously compounding, when you unstake you will receive all the originally deposited AFN and any additional from real estate dividends and platform fees.

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