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0 / 180
current price
0 AFN / 1 ETH

AltaFin AFN Token
Available Today

Available for purchase with Ethereum or bonus on new Earn saving contracts inside AltaFin app. Get your AltaFin AFN token today.

AFN Block Release Schedule

180 Blocks

Each block represents 50 ETH worth of AFN Tokens. When nearing the end of a block, if purchasing or bonusing the remainder plus a portion of the next block, the system delivers a blended price.

No Time Limit

Each block will only sell or bonus 50 ETH of AltaFin at the allocated price. Once that block is sold or bonused, the next block advances.


There is an exponential decay function on the price increase of AFN. Purchasing or receiving a bonus in an earlier block results in more AFN.

2B Max

This AFN ICO Block release schedule means that AltaFin will not sell or bonus more than the 2B AFN Tokens allocated for the ICO.


50 ETH of AFN available per block.
AFN price per ETH increases on each block.
180 Blocks Total.

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ICO Participation

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Option 1 – Purchase AFN with Ethereum
Option 2 – Open a new Earn saving contract and receive AFN bonus

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Token Model

Learn about the AltaFin ERC-20 Token and it's utility via our simple white paper.

Token Model