AltaFin Roadmap

V1 Updated January 2022

AltaFin Roadmap

  • Launch2020-08
    Altafin Inc

    AltaFin forms as a Delaware C-Corp in the United States as Altafin Inc.

  • Launch2021-04
    AltaFin AFN Token

    AltaFin AFN Token launch on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Launch2021-04
    New Headquarters

    AltaFin adds its first official headquarters at 3300 N Triumph Blvd, Suite 100, Lehi, UT 84043.

  • Release2021-08
    CeFi Platform

    AltaFin CeFi platform launches and is available at CeFi platform utilizes latest security protocols – Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provided by AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS): • Delegated Key Management • Non-Custodial • AES-256 with 384-bits of entropy.

  • Release2021-11
    Registers with FinCEN

    US Federally registered with FinCEN.

  • Launch2021-11
    AltaDivergence Smart Contract

    Announcing the Divergence smart contract. Single transaction arbitrage across 2 DEX. All major DEX support. No capital required. Available via API on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Launch2021-12
    AltaHelix xAFN Staking Protocol and Token

    When AFN is staked into Helix, users receive xAFN in return for voting rights and a fully composable token that can interact with other protocols.

  • Release2021-12
    DeFi Platform

    AltaFin's core DeFi user-interface and platform is publicly available at via Web3 wallet, like Coinbase® or MetaMask®.

  • Launch2021-12
    AFN Token Polygon Bridge

    AFN token is now multi-chain and live on Polygon mainnet.

  • Launch2022-01
    AltaFin total real estate value locked milestone

    Total Real Estate Value: 60,000,000 USDC / 15,000 ETH

  • Launch2022-01
    AFN Token Solana Bridge

    AFN token will go live on Solana mainnet.

  • Future2022-01
    AFN Token Nervos Bridge

    AFN token will go live on Nervos mainnet.

  • Future2022-01
    AFN Token Avalanche Bridge

    AFN token will go live on Avalance mainnet.

  • Future2022-03
    Metaverse Land Asset Financing

    Invest will allow any trusted party to finance the acquisition of Metaverse land assets, powered by AFN token on the AltaFin DeFi Platform.

  • Future2022-03
    Invest on DeFi

    Invest will launch on AltaFin DeFi platform, allowing any trusted party to raise capital for real estate projects. A portion of profit sharing and transaction fees on pools will be distributed to AltaHelix xAFN.

  • Future2022-03
    Earn on DeFi

    Earn will be available for use on AltaFin DeFi platform, allowing anyone to lend crypto to AltaFin and earn a base USDC + bonus AFN yield. A portion of transaction fees on Earn will be distributed to AltaHelix xAFN.