AltaFin Token Model

V3 Updated October 2021


AFN is AltaFin's native protocol token, currently issued on Ethereum following ERC-20 standard.

Token contract address: 0xe46f290cd59195a83e757891430d8d517d16b334

Blockchain Explorer: Etherscan

The AFN token is a utility token designed to facilitate community governance and incentivize the AltaFin platform.

Token Specs

Token Name Altafin Token
Token Ticker AFN
Token Type ERC-20
Token Supply 10,000,000,000

Token Utility


  • Vote on addition/removal of lending assets on AltaFin Platform
  • Vote on addition/removal/adjustments to stake rates and loyalty bonuses


  • AFN is accepted as a staking asset to increase loyalty rewards (interest rate bonuses)
  • AFN portfolio holders receive an interest bonus on AltaFin Earn Contracts
  • Interest bonus will be converted to AFN before being distributed
  • Long-term AFN holders will accumulate more voting power for governance

Token Distribution

Allocation Distribution
Founders • 1,000,000,000 AFN Tokens (10%) • Founders launched the initial version of the AltaFin Protocol • Tokens are vested; see release schedule below.
Team and advisors • 1,000,000,000 AFN Tokens (10%) • Team and advisors involved in the launch & execution of the AltaFin Protocol • Tokens are vested; see release schedule below.
Vault reserve • 8,000,000,000 AFN Tokens (80%) • Reserved for AltaFin bonus interest payments, rewards, staking, defi protocol fees, token sales and governance • Strategic market liquidity providers to maintain secondary markets for AFN

Token Release Schedule

  • Founders
    Tokens will be locked for up to 60 months; To be distributed at founding teams discretion
  • Team and Advisors
    🔒 Vesting monthly over each team and/or advisor initial 18-months of engagement
  • Vault Reserve
    🏦 Vault Reserve tokens will be securely stored with multi-sig wallets and utilized for purposes listed above

Token Transparency


The AltaFin Vault is a multi-sig vault address that stores the bulk of the AltaFin reserve tokens. These tokens will be transferred to the Treasury address from time to time to cover the uses listed above.



The AltaFin Treasury is used to store the publicly available tokens plus an additional buffer for Earn saving contract interest payouts. This is the main operational address for AltaFin tokens.