AltaFin announces AFN bonus on new Earn saving contracts

September 07, 2021 / Crypto

We are excited to announce the start of the AFN ICO Bonus. AltaFin platform users that open new Earn saving contracts will receive an instant airdrop bonus of AFN tokens from the ICO allotment.

How to participate?

  • Create an account on AltaFin & Get Verified
  • Open a new Earn saving contract
  • Wait for AFN Bonus to airdrop into Crypto Wallet

AFN Tokens Available: Up to 2 Billion AFN tokens

AFN Tokens Awarded: The app will calculate the current AFN per Ethereum price based on the ICO Blocks and the USDC Quoted contract value.

Timeframe: Until ICO blocks and ICO allocation have been depleted, either through ICO purchases or Earn saving contract bonuses.

For example, if a user opens a new Earn saving contract for $3,400 USDC Quoted value, and the current price of Ethereum is $3,400, and the ICO Block is 001, the bonus will be 700,000 AFN Tokens.

Bonus Calculation

(USDC Quoted Value / USD Ethereum Price) * Current AFN / ETH